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Top Products for Your Home Office

If you plan to have an office in your home, whether for a little office work in the evening, or if you're fortunate enough to be one of those lucky few who work full-time at home, there are certain tools you need to be productive. Let's have a look at some of them.

1. Your computer

Whether you prefer a laptop or a desktop computer, you should definitely have a computer of some sort in today's world. You may use it for blogging, internet marketing, or for record keeping. A home computer with internet access is almost a necessity these days. And speaking of internet access...Let's look at how you access the internet for our next home office product.

2. Internet Access

I have to admit that I have been completely spoiled. Verizon made FIOS available in my area several years ago, and today I simply could not stand going back to dial up. Although I do kind of miss those pleasant little noises the modem made when it was talking to a server to connect me to the internet. Now there is cable access, fiber optic (like FIOS), DSL, and more. Whatever option you choose, you need internet access for many of the home office functions.

3. A Comfortable Work Space

A desk and most of all a chair that's comfortable are necessities. For some a whiteboard is a great addition for keeping track of the myriad things an online business needs to keep track of. Arranging things so that they are in the most efficient placements is important too.

If you plan to be sitting for many hours in a row, don't skimp on a good office chair. Trust me, many different parts of your body will thank you.

4. Scanner and Printer

These are essential tools of the home office and shouldn't be overlooked. You can get a standalone document scanner which can scan many pages per minute, both sides. Or if you need to conserve space, you can consider a multi-functional printer which will scan, print and copy. Epson makes some nice all-in-one models along with some great photo scanners.

These office products will need to be located relatively close to the computer, unless you have one of the more recent designs which uses a WiFi connection to communicate with your computer. I happen to have one, and I have to admit, I still get a kick out of clicking the print button from the living room chair where I sometimes write, and then hearing the printer start in the "computer room" as we call it.

5. Filing System

Whether it's a file cabinet or an accordion file, you need a place in which to keep your records organized and safe. A more recent option is one of the new scanners that can read what it scans and create a database which you can organize and access. These document scanners are great for getting paperwork organized and filed digitally.

A home office which is organized properly and stocked with the right tools is a productive home office. Electronic tools such as your computer, scanner, or possibly an external hard drive can make your office the nerve center of your business. And by keeping most of your paperwork digitized you will be well prepared at any time to see how your business is doing.